Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wait...spring is HOW far away???

     I've been meaning to write a post for like two weeks now, but things have been....well intersting  frustrating. 

 Its tough to think about.  It's like just officially fall, and I want spring and race season back.  In case you didn't realize, this is me saying I put the evo away for the winter.  I got a few days off work and was able to head down to see my parents for the first time in a while, as well as do some car work.

    I swapped out the front pads on the evo, and found this:
     As you can see, I have cracked most of the pad material, and chunked the corner of one pad.  The pads are probably garbage.  Then you can see that i torched my dust shields.

     Moral of the story is I toasted a set of pads and dust shields due to lack of cooling, which I will obviously have full bore next year.

     Also learned that spark plugs on a subaru are a pain in the ass...but 2.5 hours later I had em swapped, and had the car flashed to cobb stage 1 aka what it should have felt like from the factory.  Next issue in line is the sloppiest of slop shifter in that car...otherwise I like it a lot.

     So what you ask, will i be doing all winter?  well I needed to keep the racers edge going in my head....soooo....I got this little dealy (it will probably also serve to further ward off women...damn shoulda thought of that earlier).  Full on racing seat with high end wheel and pedals.  Playing forza4 and F1 2012 for now, but heading towards getting up and going with iRacing for some serious race practice.

     Not sure when the next blog will be.  Still debating shop to use and timing of having all the work done on the evo....will keep everyone updated.

Until then my friends...