Thursday, November 8, 2012

The winds of change are blowing (hopefully its not just gas?)

     I'm a pessimist that's just the facts.  Due to that I have been looking over my shoulder waiting to get hit by a bus lately...I've just been having oddly good luck.  Most of it's in the life realm, and I can't post it publicly just yet...

     I also managed to survive the hurricane, and even today's nor'easter.

     Anyway...somehow I missed the fact that a new road course is opening near Albany about 2 hours north of my parents house.

Length - 2.1 miles
Front straight - 2,300 feet long, 40 feet wide
Back side - 36 feet wide
Turns - 18
Elevation change - 450 feet

ny safety track layout 
     Looks like a really nice layout and EMRA, who has released a tentative 2013 schedule already (sweet!) has 2 weekends scheduled there so far running counter clockwise one day and clockwise the next.

     Speaking of schedules, with how poorly things are going at work lately including an impending nurse strike, we haven't had to request our 2013 vacations yet.  Most people are pissed, but I'm kinda happy because it is allowing more time for NASA/EMRA/NARAA/RTA etc. to release their 2013 schedules, which should hopefully equate to me getting a bunch more days on track (hopefully this isn't where the bus I mentioned earlier decides to hit me...).

     I'm still plotting/planning the car setup for next year as well as setting aside stacks of cash necessary to pay for it all.  Things might change yet again depending on what black friday deals I find.  So far all I've picked up is a spare ACD ecu and a set up barely used Hawk DTC 60 pads to try. 

until next time...