Friday, March 14, 2014

Season starts in 3 weeks!!! (uh shit...I'm not ready)

     Hopefully what has happened so far this year is not a sign of things to come this year...

     Two weeks ago I went down to NY to get the evo out of storage.  While putting the battery in and doing my typical pre-flight checks  I noticed a not so blue brake fluid reservoir (I've been running ATE super blue).  A quick investigation lead to finding that both calipers had decided to leak and allow all the fluid out.  Driving 30 minute back to my parents house was going to be fun!  First thing i did was park the car in a snowbank and scuff the front lip trying to even back it out...awesome.
     After a little discussion with some people who are tight with/sponsored by RacingBrake (the maker of the upgraded caliper pistons I installed last summer) I was told that while after I did the upgrade, the company changed the thickness of the piston seals as a few people had slight leaking issues.  I fired off n email to RacingBrake with a few questions and they turned around and offered to send me a free set of new seals as well as 50% off their new hi-temp silicone dust boots.

     After all that excitement I made the drive back up to RI.  Surprisingly the car seemed to leak very little fluid when moving/brakes were heated, but parked for 3 days pretty much drained the reservoir again, but this time one caliper stopped leaking.  So I turned around and dropped the car off at the shop last Saturday and asked him to keep an eye on the word yet.

     It's funny how even though all us track guys/racers know exactly how long our winter break is we all wind up in a time crunch before the first race.  My first event is officially going to be April 5th, which is apparently 3 weeks away as my writing this.  Crossing my fingers that I'll get the car back by next weekend, at which point I will still need to do the following:
- Change rear diff/trans fluid and oil
- Rebuild front left if not both calipers...again...and fully bleed system
- Align the front end
- Wire oil pressure gauge

   It's probably only about 4-5 hours of work, but the calipers need to be done in my parents garage which turns it into a full weekend...and the only option is the weekend before NJMP.

            It's gonna be close....

Here's some pics:

                                                    Inside view of the MAP O2 housing

                                                 Swaintech'd to try and control some heat

The rubber for this year

The old boots off the whiteline bits

     It should be a good weekend,  12 Hours of Sebring and start of F1...and right now I'm gonna watch days of Thunder...sweet