Monday, July 16, 2012

Not just a pretty face.

     Found this is the pocket of my work pants while doing laundry today

oh ya know...just calculating surface areas of available oil cooler options.  As you can see, I'm struggling to figure out what to do for my setup still, since I'd really like to have it higher than the stock location AND give more cooling, but mounting is proving to be an issue.

     Been driving my subaru, and I actually really like it.  Has all the ammenities of a car that should cost a lot more.  still really only planning on throwing an AP stage 1 on it.

on the evo side - I picked up a gruppe s gauge pod so that I can have only boost on the steering column, and then AFR/oil p/oil t on the dash, allowing me to see more of my tach and use the knock light features of Tephra.  Also ordered a deka etx14 mini battery and terminals and plan to just lay it in the factory tray.  This will shed about 20 pounds off the front left of the car for under 100 bucks, as the pc680 is way more expensive and weighs more too!

     I was lucky enough go to the GRC race at Loudon this weekend.  And thanks to my great friend Orod, I got great access to the PUMA team, all the way down to beers and dinner with Mirra/Lasek/Sverre.

EPIC weekend basically.

Evo will be back out of storage in two weeks...should have lots more to talk about then,