Thursday, September 6, 2012

The 7 minute fix and my first podium

     Remember the last two times I mentioned I wasn't happy with how the car was shifting?  Yeah, well I finally got around to spending the 7 minutes necessary to adjust the clutch.  After all, the clutch has 60k miles of wear on it.  I wound up putting almost a full turn of clutch rod into it in 1/4-1/2 turn increments, and wouldn't you's a whole new car.  Easier to get into second gear, no more 3rd gear grind and A LOT less low speed parking lot chatter and just general bitchy-ness low speed clutch engagement.  I'm not sure whether i should love it, or hate myself for not doing this sooner?

     In other news the results got posted from last event.  I finished third behind an Evo X and an STI swapped 2.5RS...buuut I left early so I didn't get my damn trophy.  Figures.

     I'm now hard at work compiling my winter to do list.  It's looking expensive way too quickly.  I will be letting a shop do the 60k and install some bushings, the running is between DynoTech and CBRD.  If i get the few days off I requested from work teh car will be going into hibernation in 2 weeks.  Need some more time to get the Legacy sorted for the winter.  Needs drive line fluids, spark plugs and a few other minor tweaks...oh and I have an Accessport sitting on the table now...woops.

     Fast Five is on HBO tonight...I'm gonna watch it for the 27th time.