Sunday, October 13, 2013

So, it's been awhile (a summer to forget)

     Until yesterday I hadn't even driven the car for 3 weeks? maybe 2?  I dunno.

     After Lime rock in August my grandfather got progressively sicker, quickly.  I pretty much got to spend everyday from the middle of July on waiting for "the phone call".   A lot of stressful days and sleepless nights later, my grandfather finally passed away on September 12th.  It sucked, I didn't deal with it well as usual.

Moving on.

     I'm sitting here watching the Formula D stream from Irwindale, really makes me want  RWD car more than ever.  Did i mention I spent most of September shopping for s2000's? No?...I came inches from buying one but couldn't sack up and do it.
      Flash back to the part where I said I haven't driven the evo in forever.  It started when I had a Friday off from work and decided it was time to take care of the rear diff bushings.  Had one mount off in like 20 minutes and then spent the rest of the day driving around to 3 different shops, all who failed to successfully press the factory bushing out.  $400 later, I ordered up a set of Buschur billet mounts.

     They are sexy and saves like 5 pounds off the rear of the car.  Install was a little tough getting the first bolt to line up with a stock diff still on one side.  Also wasn't easier doing the work at like 1am with beer in hand.  mmmmmm beer.

     Other project was finally setting up the saikou michi catch can i picked up a while ago.  After the obligatory 5 trips to home depot to buy one bolt at a time and one failed bracket making attempt.  I got it all installed.


     So how does the car feel you ask? Shifting is actually noticeable improved especially under power, as well as taking off from a stop.  The diff mounts definitely were worth the money.  The engine feels a little more snappy with the new catch can/breather setup but of course that could possibly be chalked up to not being in the car for a long period of time.

     Schedule wise  I am registered for two more events for the year.  In two weeks I will be down at NJMP Thunder with NASA and then the weekend before thanksgiving I will be at PCD cold tire domination 3 (NJMP lightning and Thunder).  In my dreams I will get bumped to DE 2 with NASA at this event which will allow me to finally make moves on safety equipment as well as a wing...we'll see what happens.

     Here's to some better times coming.  RIP Pop.