Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome to 2014 (I thought it was a good idea at the time...)

     Better late then never I suppose.

     Lately I almost feel like a real person, I've been eating vegetables, I have bed time and I had to buy a bunch of new shirts/ties.  What this means is I finally got a new job...directly across the street from my old one, go figure.  I work days now so I don't feel like I'm constantly losing my shit although I'm still kind of going nuts because it's been effing cold here in the north east and all my fun cars are locked away in garages.

     Wait, did he say fun cars plural? yeah...whoops.

     I tried to talk myself out of it I really really did, but spending too much time surfing the internet and watching track videos made it virtually irresistible along with the fact that I'd reaaly like to keep some miles off the evo this year.  Quick stats - 2001 AP1 173k on the chassis, 50k on the motor, couple small dings and scratches, virtually new top, exhaust and intake.  Needs a set of tires that's it.  Only put about 100 miles on it but DAMN is it fun.

     Back to the evo.  Trying to refrain from any major changes to the car (which I think I spoke about previously) in an effort to focus on my driving.  Need to do a full round of maintenance of course, mods wise I just sent out an O2 housing out to Swaintech today (made sense to replace since I have to get in there to find the exhaust leak/failed part anyway) and I have a set of control arms sitting here with Whiteline front bushings and the RCK bits installed so I can easily get the arms swapped out.  Like I said, nothing too crazy.

Here's the list of events I've compiled so far:
March 29  Lime Rock  NASA
April 4-6  NJMP Lightning  NASA
April 12  Lime Rock  EMRA (1pm)
April 28-29  Watkins Glen  NASA
May 3-4  Pocono South East  EMRA
May 16-18  NJMP Thunder  NASA
June 7  Lime Rock  EMRA  (1pm)
June 20-22  Thompson  NASA
July 3-5  Lime Rock (unmuffled)  NASA
July 19-20  NJMP Lightning  NASA
July 26-27 NJMP Lightning  EMRA
August 9-10  Thompson Speedway  EMRA
August 23-24  Thompson  NASA
September 6-7  Pocono North  EMRA
***September 19-20  Lime Rock NARRA***
September 26-28  Watkins Glen  NASA
October 24-26  NJMP Thunderbolt  NASA
November 9-10  Summit Point  EMRA

     Notice that starred event...yeah I'm excited about that one.  A large organization like NARRA at Lime Rock on Trans Am weekend should be a blast.  The car is under prepped and I in no way expect to go out and win, but I certainly don't expect to be last mainly because by then I will have turned close to 300 laps on that track where most of the competitors very well may have only run it on iRacing.

     Unfortunately the schedule will be complicated this year.  I have no idea how things will work out with my work schedule...and as of right now I have 6 weddings and 2 bachelor parties in 2014 which is gonna eat a lot of the car budget and my vacation time.

We shall see, I expect big things this year!