Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Good end to a So So Season.

     I almost forgot about this place....

     Thats ok though, because I've barely been on track.  Last weekend was the NASA Northeast season finale at NJMP thunderbolt.  Long story it was an uneventful weekend.  Fun...but uneventful.  I was in group 2 with a bunch of familiar faces from other events this season.  First session I had Marc (an ex evo friend) ride with me to fulfill the first session instructor requirement, and he immediately said that he knew exactly what we were going to work on.  I'm quite familiar with the track so within two laps I was up to speed but I suck at braking according to Marc.  Over the course of the day that became even more obvious as I kept being way under speed in turn one almost every lap.
     Sunday morning I had another evo frien/instructor ride with me.  He was please with my speed (I'm still known as the slow guy).  Halfway through the session he asked how many point by's i had gotten so far, and when I though about it I realized I had been making a lot of passes.  Turns out I was just about the fastest guy in the group.  Moving up to group three was discussed after that.  After I spoke the group leader, I was educated that the biggest difference between group 2 an 3 aside for 20$ more speed is that you have to be able to pass off line.  Thats something you dont get in Group 2 since it is a lot more controlled.  Being the end of the season and it be an event with group 3 and 4 combined I decided to stay in two until next year.

     As you'll see in the video below a fast lap for me is quite uneventful.  I wanted to dip into the 1:3x's desperately but traffic stopped me.  The car was great as usual.  I borrowed a friends AiM solo data logger at the recommendation of my group leader, and was actually quite surprised to see that I was able to generate just over 1g of lateral acceleration...pretty damn good for a street tire car in my opinion.  This was also the first event with the roll bar/seat/harness.  WHAT a ifference...I think it was ABSOLUTELY worth time on track.       (Click for vid)

     And now it's winter...time to start writing the same giant ass list of wishful upgrades I do every year!  As of right now:
-cabin filter
-injectors $500
-bumper quick release $150
-install bumpsteer bush
-refresh rear LCA's
-rear trailing bush (w0594) $50
-baffled oil pan $400
-heat tape
-STM front bumper beam $200
-remove rear bumper beam
-f/r rotors $300
-rear dtc60s $150
-WING $800-1500
-DATA $1000


     Who knows how much I'll get done.  I also really need to get on the dyno and dial in my tune, my 5th gear boost was all wacky all weekend.  The big one on the list as I'm sure you can tell is the wing.  I think I've finally made the decision to add aero this winter in the form of splitter and wing (still undecided on wing) and possibly build a rear diffuser if I get around to it...I think I'm ready.  I'm good on tires for a few events still but I think once I get an event of two with aero under my belt the next step will probably be NT01's.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the s2000...

Here's some pics of me riding off into the sunset.  Already dreaming of next season!