Sunday, June 29, 2014

No, I'm not dead.

     ...I've just been doing that little race related activity.  And it makes me sad.

     It's been a rough year track time wise so far and doesn't look like it's going to get much better.  Back in May I went to a bachelor party in Miami and spent the equivalent of 3 track days money wise...ouch.  It was a good time for sure with good friends but directed A LOT of funds away from the cars.  I had a wedding to attend in Maine on what would have been my next available track weekend, and other than that it just seems like I work.

     Finally June 21/22 rolled around which meant it was time for NASA NE's inaugural event at Thompson speedway (only half an hour from my house!) and also my birthday.  My parents came up to visit for the weekend and so my dad could come hang at the track with me as usual.  Got the car prepped in basic fashion in the week prior, just brake pads and such and took another guess at tire pressures for the damn z2's.

     Got to the track Saturday morning and was tech'd and ready to go un almost under an hour, it really is quite nice being able to empty the car out at home!  Even though I was running Group 2 as usual we were given instructors for the first session, since the instructors had been there on Friday to learn the track.  Picked up the line quickly (EVERYTHING is late apex and TIGHT) and the day was off an rolling. 

     We had a very good group at this event.  Lots of respectful driving and courtesy on track, and we all picked up speed quickly.  A lot of people didn't like the track due to being so short and tight, but I kind of liked it since the tight corners and slow exits seem to fall in the favor of the evo.  I was VERY rusty having not been out since April, but I was able to keep up with the group and we were all turning laps in the 1:27 to 1:33 range.  What was also really nice was that the group leaders car had full motec data acquisition so we were able to review video/data in the classroom of him following us.

 Interesting chasecam view from a buddy in his Evo X.  Ignore the speed on his overlay as he was staying in 4th gear down the front stretch.

Here's in car video.

     I've also got a helmet cam view, but haven't converted it yet.  The worst part of the weekend?  We were tearing up the asphalt to the point that they are going to have to make some major repairs/changes.  There was talk that they may have used the wrong grade asphalt...

     I think that I am finally at the point that I'm going to give in and spend a huge chunk of money on safety equipment:
- Autopower roll bar
- Schroth Profi 2 ASM belt with 6 point conversion
- Buddy club bucket seat (going cheap on the seat for now to allow for purchase of new helmet and HANS)

     Other than that no big plans, the car is working well.  I had made a mental decision to change the front spring rate but i wound up getting misinformation and buying a set of used springs that were the wrong diameter for my ohlins...oh well.

Next Event: Probably Thompson again August 23/24.  Trying to figure out if in the middle of all the other crap going on I can squeeze in my first trip to the Glen at the end of September.  Also still trying to find some time to autoX the s2000.

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