Saturday, September 13, 2014

I owe everyone an apology.

     And by everyone, I mean the 2 people that read this.  For the astute readers who may have realized a did a track day back at the end of August and never wrote about it....I'm sorry.  I've been very life busy.  Went down to my parents house the weekend after the track day for a night, then came back to RI to work all week and then went down to NJ for my best friend's bachelor party.  It never Ends!

     On August 23rd I returned to Thompson with NASA.  This was a DE only day (no racing like last time) which meant plenty of track time and the group 2 participants were quite similar to last time also.  This is good because it put me in a position to know who was quick and who to avoid etc.

     Lap after lap the car felt good, felt like I was finding time and learning some things.  At on point i was turning some pretty good laps when i noticed a blue corvette come up behind me which happened to be driven by an instructor.  So obviously I tighten the belt and focus to try and lay down some good laps.  Probably some of the best fun I've had on track yet...until my brakes went soft.  

     Well not really soft, I had a firm pedal that felt slightly long but appropriate for pad wear, so I took a little trip down the turn 1 run off...whoops.  I braked a  marker earlier than normal because 3 turns back it felt not normal (but definitely bad) and as soon as I hit the pedal I knew I wasn't slowing down fast enough, it felt like ABS started to kick in as I pressed harder and I made the decision to go straight off instead of risking a hot entry and going off into the grass.  My dad said they called "37 silver 4 off" over the radio, which is lame because I went down a paved runoff!  Never left the racing surface.

     I borrowed Filthy Joe's AiM Solo lap timer for a few sessions.  It is quite amazing how you can quickly use a tool like that to gain time.  In 1.5 sessions I found almost 3 seconds...yes 3, to find myself in the 1:26's on street tires.  I'm still waiting for Joe to send me the data file so I can overlay some video.  Until I have that done here's some pictures from my dad as well as a ride along in Jordan's track evo (in case you don't recall he is NASA NE head instructor).


Oh and I finally took a major step...

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